Warsaw’s Old Town






Warszawa’s Old Town is not actually that old, but anyone who knows anything about Poland and WWII knows that the Nazi’s destroyed most of Warsaw. They didn’t destroy it in a fire fight battle to capture the city they destroyed it in a deliberate attempt to decimate all evidence of the city and its Polish inhabitants. Hitler’s plan was to rebuild Warsaw (all of Poland) as a German city. The plans had already been made for the destruction of the city even before the war began, but it was after the Warsaw Uprising, in 1944, the Nazi’s leveled the city. “Not a stone” was to be left standing. Between the fighting, theĀ Ghetto Uprising, the Warsaw Uprising, and the subsequent bombing and destruction after the Uprising, 85% of the city had been destroyed. What is seen in the pictures of Old Town are replications from paintings, early photos, and any records left of what the city had looked like prior to the war. The antiquated 14th century looking buildings in the photos are only 70 years old. They did an amazing job in recreating their city.

Warsaw, Poland, 2014