The Water Wheel and the Boy in Red


Namsan, Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea, 2018

My EX-ZR700 was destroy last year when a bottle of Soju was broken over it. Seems like a good Korea story, but the reality was not so exciting. I had a bottle of soju in my bag along with my camera. I had asked a friend to watch my bag as I went to the bathroom. The friend drop the bag onto a stone surface and the bottle broke. End of camera.

It took me about a year to get a new camera. Actually, my boyfriend bought it for me. He bought it off of an Italian backpacker in a hostel in Hawaii. Everything has a story.  I’m still getting to know the camera and it’s features. It is a Nikon 1. Yesterday, while walking through the park I discovered this selective color feature.

Ancient Carvings at Longmen Grottoes

Almost all of the carvings and statues at the Longmen Grottoes, in Luoyang, China, are of Buddhas or depictions of people in prayer. It was rare to find and animal like this carving of what I believe is a cat or a tiger. CIMG4897


On the West side of the Yi river is where you find some of the oldest carving dating back to 439 BCE. Many of the oldest statues are broken and chipped or fading away due to erosion and of course due to damage during various periods of vandalism and pillaging.CIMG4892


CIMG4886Luoyang, China, The Longmen Grottoes, 2014